Hyperlapse - the easy way. This video was recorded driving on a bike trough Zurich-Oerlikon (post code 8050) filming with the app «Hyperlapse» on my iPhone. The resulting movies are 720 only, and sometimes with visible artifacts. You cannot compare the quality of this iPhone videos with the real thing. But still: in my hyper lapsing experience, sometimes, even after hours of post production work the result is not convincing.

Hyper8050 from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Hyperlapse auf die bequeme Art. Auf der Fahrt durch Zürich-Oerlikon (Postleitzahl 8050) mit dem iPhone gefilmt, mit der App «Hyperlapse» von Instagram. Dabei entstehen Filme im Format 720p. Zum Teil gibt es schon deutliche Artefakte. Die Qualität ist mit einem echten Hyperlapse nicht zu vergleichen. Allerdings steckt dort sehr viel mehr Arbeit drin - und ein schlechtes Ergebnis kommt auch dabei häufig raus.

«The West End of Europe»

...is in Portugal. «The West End of Europe» is where you are a spectator in the theater of nature, watching how the sea is forging a coast of both remarkable wilderness and beauty.
Filmed in April 2014 around Nazaré, Carvoeiro and Sagres. Shot mainly in 4K (UHD) with a Panasonic GH4 and a bunch of modern and vintage lenses. Then edited in a 1080p timeline in Final Cut Pro X. Some grading with Filmconvert. Music with a licence of Premiumbeat.com.

The West End of Europe from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Das «West End» ist das Theater-Quartier Londons. Jenes von Europa liegt meiner Meinung nach in Portugal. An seinen Küsten wird man ein gefesselter Zuschauer einer Szenerie, in der das Meer die Küste formt. Die Aufnahmen wurden im April 2014 um die Orte von Nazaré, Carvoeiro (Algarve) und Sagres gemacht.
Die Kamera war eine Panasonic GH4. Fast alle Aufnahmen wurden im 4K-Modus (UHD) aufgenommen und im Schnitt in Final Cut Pro X auf die HD-Breite runtergerechnet. Das Grading erfolgte mit Filmconvert. Die Musik stammt von Premiumbeat.com.


«Black Lines» of High Heels Breaker feat. Kalabrese

High Heels Breaker: Black Lines (Official Video) from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

A video shot and edited for composer and electronic music artist High Heels Breaker feat. the voice of Kalabrese.
Shot with a Panasonic GH3, Canon 7D and GoPro in the Zurich area.

More info and some snippets of the fantastic album on Soundcloud.

Testing the GH4 in 96fps Slow Motion

Surfin' Portugal - The GH4 @ 96fps from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

The new Panasonic Lumix has not only the much discussed and praised 4K video quality. It’s also a major step up in the capabilities in 1080p (FullHD). One of the feature I’ve tested with a pre production camera (Firmware v0.5) on a trip in Portugal was the 96 frames per second slow motion mode. The clip of some surfers on the western coast beach Praia do Amado were all shot in the 96fps mode. Shutter speed was set between 1/250s and 1/400s. The lens used was a vintage manual focus Canon FD 300mm f4 L Lens. BTW: I really like the feel and quality of old FD lenses adapted to Micro43 cameras. They are ultra smooth to focus, often more compact than their Nikon Ai counterparts and focus in the direction I’m used to from other cameras.

Peaking - a godsend
One of the killer features of the GH4 compared to the GH3 (still a good camera tough) is the new electronic view finder. It’s more detailed, has zebra and - finally - peaking. This is very important when using a lot of vintage lenses or the great Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 with a Metabones Speed Booster adapter. From the menu you can select three colors. For the shots on the beach I’ve switched from the default blue to yellow to better check the focus.

Enough room for some grading
I’ve used the CineD picture profile. The original files have a rather flat look (good for grading). Some contrast and vignettes were added in Final Cut Pro X. There’s some room for grading however with 100Mbps for 96fps it’s more limited than in the other modes (100Mbps for 4K, 1080p @25fps or even 200Mbps for 1080p).

First conclusion: excellent
I’ve had the pre prod camera for 10 days and was shooting a lot of video (mainly 4K) and a lot of stills with it. My first conclusion: it’s an excellent step up from the still very capable GH3, especially if you are a video shooter. One thing I really like is that unlike my various Canon cameras which change the layout from generation to generation all the buttons are still on the exact same place if you upgrade from a GH3. And for my hands at least the GH3/GH4 form factor and controls layout is the best I’ve ever had from a camera, on par with Canon’s 7D. It’s a pleasure to shoot with the GH4. The additional battery grip gives some additional hold while the system still remains compact and lightweight compared to a APS-C or Full Frame DSLR.

Panasonic GH4 with the Canon FD 300mm f4 L Lens


Piazze d'Italia

After weeks of shooting, rendering and editing «Piazze d’Italia» is finally going public. The video featuring 45 piazzas (squares) all over Italy was shot in spring and summer 2013 mainly by me and Edoardo Cicchetti. With additional shots of 6 other time lapse photographers I’ve edited this vast collection of material to the beautiful soundtrack of Paolo Fresu, the well known Italian trumpet player and composer. The video was produced by Mikaela Bandini of Can’t Forget It(aly) for the Italian State Tourism Board ENIT. This long version of the video as well as two short versions are part of the 2014 «Made in Italy» campaign aimed at european travelers.

Filmed by Edoardo Cicchetti (www.timelapse.it) and Jörg Niggli (www.niggli.com)
Music 'Fuga' written and performed by Paolo Fresu (www.paolofresu.it)
Voice over 'Made in Italy' by Giancarlo Giannini
Additional shots by
Andrea Lacota (www.emotionttl.com)
Daniel Coffaro (www.youtube.com/danielcoffaro)
Cosmo Laera (www.cosmolaera.it)
Timmy Henny (www.aglimpseinto.com)
Gianfranco Maiullari (www.nodecode.it)
Mark Hofmeyr (www.trademarkpictures.tv)

Edited by Jörg Niggli (www.niggli.com)
Graphics by Racoon Studio (www.racoonstudio.com/rs/)
Produced by Mikaela Bandini - Can't Forget Italy (www.cantforget.it)

Commissioned by Enit - Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo (www.enit.it)

Shot with all kind of cameras, mainly of Canon and Panasonic. Rendered in After Effects and Apple Motion. Edited, tilt shifted and graded in Final Cut Pro X.
© Copyright 2016 Joerg Niggli - All Rights Reserved