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The Time Lapse Network is showcasing «The Flow (of La Palma)».

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Marco Fama, founder of Time Lapse Network: «Finally some clouds-based timelapse video which is anything but boring and a test »

The Flow (of La Palma)

The FLOW (UHD | 4K) from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

FLOW is the first properly edited video of some timelapse movies shot during the Astromaster Workshop in 2016. Full resolution of the video is UHD (3840x2160). So please consider using the full screen function key on your device to watch the video. Comments and questions are always welcome.

All clips are available for licensing on request.

For more information on the Astromaster, please check the «Timelapse Plus» section on this website.


The «HyperZürich» Experiment

The short «HyperZürich» is the result of an experiment.

How fast can you do move with your camera, shooting in continuous mode, and thus creating a hyperlapse?

The resulting video was shot in 2-3 hours in downtown Zurich. More on the technique and some conclusions in the «Timelapse Plus» section.

HYPERZürich from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


«Amalfi Mia!» - A trip along Italy's scenic coast

The Amalfi Coast (la costiera amalfina) is one of Italy's most spectacular landscapes. During a short trip some time ago I shot some time-lapse sequences on different iconic spots. Finally it came together in the short film «Amalfi Mia!».
Please have a look, if possible use your full screen and earphones.

Amalfi Mia! - The Amalfi Coast from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


Amman in 30 Seconds

A short glimpse of Amman, the capital of Jordan. Enjoy!

Please watch it in full frame, if possible. It's a FullHD video.
If you like to see the longer version (a Vimeo Staff Pick), here it is.

The Alps

«The Alps» is a video with excerpts from time lapse movies shot in the Alps. Most shots from Switzerland (Pilatus, Saentis, Schwyz, Vals), some of the Mont-Blanc in France and the Dolomites in Italy.

THE ALPS - Time Lapse Selection from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

«The Alps» - Die Alpen ist eine Sammlung von einigen Zeitraffer-Filmen, die über die letzten Jahre in den Alpen entstanden sind. Die meisten Aufnahmen stammen aus der Schweiz (Pilatus, Santas, Schwyz, Vals). Weitere aus Frankreich (Mont-Blanc-Massiv) sowie Italien.


Hyperlapse - the easy way. This video was recorded driving on a bike trough Zurich-Oerlikon (post code 8050) filming with the app «Hyperlapse» on my iPhone. The resulting movies are 720 only, and sometimes with visible artifacts. You cannot compare the quality of this iPhone videos with the real thing. But still: in my hyper lapsing experience, sometimes, even after hours of post production work the result is not convincing.

Hyper8050 from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Hyperlapse auf die bequeme Art. Auf der Fahrt durch Zürich-Oerlikon (Postleitzahl 8050) mit dem iPhone gefilmt, mit der App «Hyperlapse» von Instagram. Dabei entstehen Filme im Format 720p. Zum Teil gibt es schon deutliche Artefakte. Die Qualität ist mit einem echten Hyperlapse nicht zu vergleichen. Allerdings steckt dort sehr viel mehr Arbeit drin - und ein schlechtes Ergebnis kommt auch dabei häufig raus.

Piazze d'Italia

After weeks of shooting, rendering and editing «Piazze d’Italia» is finally going public. The video featuring 45 piazzas (squares) all over Italy was shot in spring and summer 2013 mainly by me and Edoardo Cicchetti. With additional shots of 6 other time lapse photographers I’ve edited this vast collection of material to the beautiful soundtrack of Paolo Fresu, the well known Italian trumpet player and composer. The video was produced by Mikaela Bandini of Can’t Forget It(aly) for the Italian State Tourism Board ENIT. This long version of the video as well as two short versions are part of the 2014 «Made in Italy» campaign aimed at european travelers.

Filmed by Edoardo Cicchetti (www.timelapse.it) and Jörg Niggli (www.niggli.com)
Music 'Fuga' written and performed by Paolo Fresu (www.paolofresu.it)
Voice over 'Made in Italy' by Giancarlo Giannini
Additional shots by
Andrea Lacota (www.emotionttl.com)
Daniel Coffaro (www.youtube.com/danielcoffaro)
Cosmo Laera (www.cosmolaera.it)
Timmy Henny (www.aglimpseinto.com)
Gianfranco Maiullari (www.nodecode.it)
Mark Hofmeyr (www.trademarkpictures.tv)

Edited by Jörg Niggli (www.niggli.com)
Graphics by Racoon Studio (www.racoonstudio.com/rs/)
Produced by Mikaela Bandini - Can't Forget Italy (www.cantforget.it)

Commissioned by Enit - Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo (www.enit.it)

Shot with all kind of cameras, mainly of Canon and Panasonic. Rendered in After Effects and Apple Motion. Edited, tilt shifted and graded in Final Cut Pro X.

Time-lapse Selection of «Zürich-West by Night»

Finally here: a selection of some time-lapse shots used for the short time-lapse movies during the live broadcast in June. You find some more information in the description of the video. Please make sure you watch the video in HD quality (it’s available as 1080p) and fullscreen.

Zürich-West by Night from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Das Video ist eine Zusammenstellung einiger Zeitrafferaufnahmen, die für die SRF-Live-Reportage aus dem Trendquartier Zürich-West als Trennet verwendet wurden. Die Aufnahmen entstanden mit Fotokameras von Canon und Panasonic und wurden in Apple Motion oder Adobe After Effects zu Filmen gerendert. Der Schnitt und das Grading erfolgten in Final Cut Pro X.

Music: «Feels so good» of Diamondsongs (edited)

The Belluno Project

A time-lapse tilt-shift video shot and edited by me for the Little Italy project. Additonal shots by Itaria Colussi and Andrea Lacota (www.emotionttl.com). Music: «Everyday is a Gift», with a license of premiumbeat.com

Belluno | Little Italy from Adorable Belluno on Vimeo.

Ein neues Zeitraffer-Video, realisiert für das Projekt «Little Italy». Einige Aufnahmen stammen von Itaria Colussi and Andrea Lacota (www.emotionttl.com) aus Triest. Musik: «Everyday is a Gift», premiumbeat.com.

«Sights of Jordan»

The last of my four Jordan time lapse videos. If possible watch in HD and fullscreen mode, it’s possible to stream it at full 1080p resolution.

Sights of Jordan from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Das letzte der vier Zeitraffer-Videos über Jordanien. Wenn möglich bitte in HD und im Vollbildschirm-Modus anschauen (es wird dann in voller 1080-HD-Qualtität gestreamt).


«Petra - In the City of Mysteries»

The third video of the Jordan time lapse series.
Das dritte Video in der Zeitraffer-Serie über Jordanien.

Petra - In the City of Mysteries from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


«Wadi Rum - A Majestic Landscape»

My latest time lapse movie from Jordan. It’s about Wadi Rum, the vast desert valley in the south of Jordan, and it’s visitors.

Das zweite Zeitraffer-Video aus der Jordanien-Serie. Wadi Rum ist das berühmte Wüstenreservat im Süden des Landes. Es ist ein bekanntes Touristenziel, um etwas Wüstenerfahrung zu machen.

«Amman - City in Motion»

Amman - City in Motion from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

It’s uploaded and ready for you to watch. My view of the bustling Capital of Jordan.

Time-lapse videos of Jordan

During two very hot but beautiful weeks I was recently on a time-lapse shooting trip in Jordan. The trip took me from the busy Amman to the magnificent site of Petra, the majestic desert of Wadi Rum and the two very different sea resorts of Jordan, Aqaba at the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. I was shooting almost a terabyte of pictures and I’m currently editing four videos for the Jordan Tourism Board. Please stay tuned… more to come soon.

Two screenshots of the Amman video.

Amman Title
Amman last frame

Venezia in un giorno / Venice in a Day

Geschafft. Endlich online. Ein Tag Venedig - im Zeitraffer. Vom Tagesanbruch auf der Rialto-Brücke bis zum Sonnenuntergang über der Piazza San Marco, mit einigen Fahrten auf dem Gran Canale. Bitte unbedingt in HD schauen.

Done and online. Venice in a Day, in 3 Minutes. From dawn in the morning at the Rialto bridge to the sunset above the Piazza San Marco, and some travels up and down the Gran Canale. Please watch this time-lapse video in HD.

La Baie

«La Baie», gemeint ist damit die Bucht des Mont Saint-Michel in der Normandie. Der kleine Film zeigt die Bucht, das Monument des Mont Saint-Michel und die beiden nahegelegenen Städte Grandville und Saint-Malô. Bitte unbedingt in HD anschauen.

La baie (The Bay) from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

A short film featuring the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France (La baie du Mont Saint-Michel), the spectacular little town on the rock itself and the nearby cities of Granville and Saint-Malô.

The video was shot in Summer 2010 with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. All time lapse sequences were shot with a Canon G10.
Editing and grading in Motion and Final Cut Pro X.


«Sky on the Rocks»: Berge im Zeitraffer

«Sky on the Rocks» ist ein Zeitraffer Video in Schwarzweiss. Die Aufnahmen stammen aus den Schweizer Alpen.

My latest timelapse video in Black and White shot in the Swiss Alps.

Zum Anschauen bitte im Vimeo-Player diese beiden Buttons klicken:
Buttons Please select the HD and fullscreen button to view the video in best quality.


Zürich im Raffer 6 / ZurichLAPSE VI

Der sechste und der letzte Clip aus der «Zürich im Raffer»-Serie. Bitte unbedingt in HD-Auflösung anschauen.
Hier findet sich eine Zusammenstellung aller sechs «Zürich im Raffer»-Clips.

This is Number 6 - and will be the last video of my ZurichLAPSE series. Please watch in HD and don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions.
Here you find a collection of all 6 Clips of the series.


Zürich im Raffer 05 / ZurichLAPSE V

Neues Zeitraffervideo aus Zürich mit Material aus dem Archiv. Die Bilder in «Zürich im Raffer V» stammen aus den Jahren 2009 und 2010. Leider bin ich nicht früher dazu gekommen, das Video zu beenden. Geschnitten wurde das ganze in den Programmen Motion und Final Cut Pro. Der Soundtrack wurde mit Logic Pro erstellt.
My latest time lapse video «ZurichLAPSE V» is made of older material from 2009 and 2010. This clip was entirely shot in Zurich. Editing in Motion and Final Cut Pro. The music was arrangend in Logic Pro.

ZurichLAPSE V from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


Zürich im Raffer 04 / ZurichLAPSE IV

Endlich etwas Zeit, um einige weitere Zeitrafferaufnahmen zusammenzuschneiden. « Zürich im Raffer 04 » ist in Zürich-Nord (Kreis 11) entstanden.

Finally I found some time to put together timelapse sequences of Zurich to « ZurichLAPSE IV ».

ZurichLAPSE IV from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.

Das Video ist auch auf Youtube zu finden, dort lässt es sich sogar in FullHD (1080p) abspielen - für alle mit den grossen Bildschirmen.

You can find the video as well on Youtube where you can view it in 1080p FullHD. For those folks with the big screens.
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